In today’s business environment, mission needs evolve faster than the traditional product development lifecycle, resulting in project overruns, late deliveries, program cancellations, or deployment of systems that fail to meet the evolved mission need. In contrast, EDC Consulting uses a rapid, adaptable, scalable and successful agile development methodology that is designed to meet these challenges. Our ability to support agile concepts entails quickly sensing and effectively responding to ever-evolving conditions. Demonstrable business results (working software, etc.) are delivered regularly by timing development into a predictable cadence of iterations (typically one to four weeks). Each iteration includes all the tasks necessary to design, build, and test a valuable increment of new functionality. At the end of each iteration, the team inspects and adapts its work and processes, and adjust priorities.


We harness the power of DevOps to enable a fully customizable release strategy – from large scale increments to hyper-fast and radical “deploy at every commit”. Implementing agile development influences the enterprise to align around expedited value delivery. All aspects of portfolio management (acquisition, budget, engineering, etc.) are ultimately impacted by agile and should be tailored to avoid bottlenecks in the value stream. Our approach successfully applies agile across organization and product lines. EDC helps its clients understand how and when to scale agile from the team level to the program and portfolio levels, providing seamless alignment around the organization’s value streams and becoming a true agile enterprise.


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