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Location analytics for COVID-safe workplaces
November 24, 2020

By collecting mobile device unique identifiers and locations anonymously on private Wi-Fi networks, the contact tracing platform can monitor potential COVID exposure and spread.

Building the new digital assembly line for improved government operations
November 24, 2020

With the right strategy to ensure that AI and humans can collaborate effectively, government can unlock the benefits of AI-driven automation and enable a new digital assembly line that reduces…

Using technology to protect citizen-facing workers
November 24, 2020

For agencies that must maintain in-person customer service, it makes sense to invest in technology to make visits safer, painless and more efficient.

Robotic dogs patrol Tyndall AFB
November 24, 2020

The unmanned ground vehicles, which resemble headless robot dogs, use on-board computers, cameras and other detection devices as they patrol a set path scouting for threats.

Thought Leadership

DOJ Case Study
February 01, 2016

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF-E) required an efficient, standardized and secure business systems infrastructure that could provide the case and inspection analytics needed to increase the…

AESIP Case Study
January 15, 2016

Background As the prime contractor for the Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program (AESIP), EDC was responsible for systems integration for the Army’s Business Objects Metadata Management (BOMM) program.  EDC provided…

DOD COE Case Study
January 02, 2016

In an effort to modernize the Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) across the Department of Defense, the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) required the design, development, configuration and coding…

IPPS-A Case Study
December 16, 2015

Convert Army HR and personnel data housed in over 15 legacy systems into a single, PeopleSoft database with drastically improved readability packaged in an easy-to-use website custom tailored to Regular…


EDC Consulting was selected as one of the fastest growing companies in Washington, DC…

Washington Technology Magazine

EDC Consulting was named an “Inc 500” company, one of the fastest growing companies in the nation…

Inc 500 Magazine

EDC Consulting was named one of the fastest growing companies in the Commonwealth of Virginia…

Virginia Business Magazine

" The support that has been received from EDC has been strategic, innovative and professional. I would highly recommend them as a viable contractor to consider for future work with the Navy. "


" EDC demonstrated exemplary skills in staying on schedule with a sensitivity to delivery requirements and the extraordinary ability to help streamline processes, and identify cost savings through their recommendations. "


" Given what I know today about the Contractor's ability to execute, I would enthusiastically recommend that EDC is awarded future task orders. I would rate their work as exceptional. "


" Award Fee Board consensus was that performance was consistently exceptional. "


" Many of these technical achievements alone would be worthy of recognition, but the consistent performance of the total work during this period was superb. "