U.S. Navy Seaport-e

EDC Consulting has in-depth experience supporting the U.S. Navy. EDC is a prime contract holder of the U.S. Navy’s Seaport-e contract that provides engineering, technical and programmatic services across the 22 functional areas. EDC continues to expand its Navy presence and ability to deliver subject matter expertise integrated with the Navy’s complex solution environment. EDC’s goal is to help the Navy capitalize on the critical nodes of modern organizations where IT, financial and program management systems converge.

EDC Task Orders Won under Navy SeaPort-e:

No Task Orders have been awarded to date.

For information on customer satisfaction with regard to the services provided, please contact our Customer Satisfaction point of contact. Government Points of Contact (POCs) will be made available, as appropriate, following the award of individual Task Orders.

Team EDC

When building teams for our business opportunity pursuits, EDC bases the selection of team members on a few basic tenets. Our first tenet is to select teammates that can provide best value to the client, in this case the Navy and Marine Corps. Specifically, we select our team members based on the depth and breadth of skills that are needed to deliver projects in the applicable task areas, and that have a proven record of success providing professional support services to their clients. Our second tenet is to develop a team composed of like-minded businesses committed to high standards, integrity, professionalism, and collaborative success. The third tenet is to build a team that has the experience and knowledge to support the work requirements in an agile and flexible manner.

Applying these tenets to our SeaPort-e teammate selection process, we created Team EDC composed of EDC Consulting as the prime contractor, and IBM Corporation and Herdt Consulting as our core teammates. Collectively, we are able to offer a team that has:

IBM is the world’s largest professional services firm with over 380,000 professionals working with clients in both commercial and government organizations. This broad capability allows best practices to be garnered and shared from both perspectives, thereby allowing IBM to always be refining their processes, methodologies, and tools to make sure they are not just conforming to, but leading the industry as it pertains to best practices. IBM also brings an extensive reach-back capability for any specialized skills or resources needed, be they functional or technical subject matter experts across various disciplines. Additionally, IBM spends an unparalleled $5.8 billion a year in research and development, and has continually led the IT industry in U.S. patents over the past decade. The achievements from this investment are directly passed to the customer, not only in their products with breakthrough technologies, but also to their professional services organizations with new processes, tools, and techniques based on industry specific research and development.

Herdt Consulting, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business providing business transformation services and solutions to forward-leaning organizations that includes ERP, Knowledge Management (KM), Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), Lean and Six Sigma (LSS), Thought Leadership, Strategic Planning, Organizational Change Management, Training and Leadership Solutions. They are a Seaport-e Prime in all seven Zones, and also hold GSA IT70 and MOBIS contracts. Herdt supports the Navy on multiple programs to include the Navy ERP program, where, as a subcontractor to IBM, along with teammate EDC Consulting, they provide business process re-engineering, organizational change management, and system implementation and deployment support services to the Navy’s Systems Commands.

EDC SeaPort-e Customer Satisfaction Point of Contact:

Peter S. Markakos
President, EDC Consulting LLC
Phone: 703-637-0068 x711
E-mail: peter.markakos@edcconsulting.com

EDC Quality Assurance Program:

Implementing strong quality assurance and cost controls requires effective program planning followed by disciplined program execution. Quality and cost controls are at the foundation of EDC’s proven set of management methods and processes. These processes are integral to the management of every project, are codified in our Quality Control Plan, and used on every EDC engagement to manage and control quality and cost. EDC delivers a tailored Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) for each task order based on the five principles outlined in Table 1. We use these principles to build engagement and project-specific quality assurance and control plans in collaboration with senior leadership and stakeholders.

Our QAP provides for Early Identification and Resolution of Problems:
EDC Quality Control and Assurance Principles

The work products and deliverables we produce as part of our engagements are subject to our stringent quality assurance approach, depicted in Figure 1, and are always accessible to the entire program and individual project teams. Tangible benefits of our open approach to quality assurance include:

(Figure 1)

The core of the process is a Program Deliverables Database, accessible through our portal, which contains all deliverables, artifacts, and work products. The database is under configuration management to ensure that at any given time the correct and current entry is available to management, and all information, including a record history, can be accessed for review.